The Cinque Port and Haven of

A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under  ancient Acts of Parliament


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Mission Statement - The Vision

The Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners remain committed to supporting and promoting the Port and Haven into the future.  Although there is at present no commercial traffic - excepting tripper boats plying the river - there is a healthy interest in the river for leisure craft.  The Commissioners will continue to support this which, with the help of the Environment Agency in course of their work of raising the towns tidal defences, have worked with us to improve the facilities where possible.

A developing complication is the way the river mouth is moving around into ever larger loops necessitating more relocation of the existing marks into a new location and the purchase and placement of additional ones.  Projections to 2050 suggest that the extra marking will be considerable, and expensive, necessitating annual reviews of the Port and Haven Conservancy  Fee.

Safety on and around the water.

Users need to be aware that the river flows very swiftly, especially on an incoming Spring Tide.  We ask all those going afloat to wear a lifejacket and have a plan for recovery of a person in the water.

The future is Leisure.

Mission Statement