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Update on Sandwich Toll Bridge Refurbishment

Kent County Council will be carrying out refurbishment works to Sandwich Toll bridge starting in February 2020 and we attach a works notification for your information.

The works are due to start on Monday 17th February 2020 and last for 7 weeks.

During  this period the bridge deck will be completely removed and transported to a yard so mechanical and electrical components can be replaced.  The opportunity will also be taken to clean and repaint the bridge deck.  During the period the bridge deck is removed various upgrades and refurbishments will continue at the bridge site.

Unfortunately, there will be a short period at the start of the works and during final commissioning when we will be unable to open the bridge to river traffic.  The exact date for the bridge to be lifted off will need to be confirmed but we would expect that river traffic will be hindered / prevented between 17th February and early week commencing 24th February at the latest.  It is difficult to provide the exact date for the bridge to be lifted back on again at this time but we would currently expect this to be around 30th March with river traffic being prevented / hindered for up to about a week following the date the bridge is lifted back on.

We will continue to liaise with the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners and they will be issuing notices to mariners.  We will also keep the normal telephone number for booking bridge swings up to date with the latest information regarding the need and availability to open the bridge if you need to plan a journey past the bridge.

We also appreciate that the current works to repair the Southern Water sewer burst is a big concern.  Although the work by Southern Water is continuing on the A256 at present, pressure is being kept on them to get this work done and the road open as soon as possible. These works and the closure of the bridge will not run concurrently.


Structures Maintenance Team,  Highways Asset Management ,

 Kent County Council.