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A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under  ancient Acts of Parliament


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Policy Statement

Updated February 2021.  Para 3 added and other minor tidying up refinements.

The Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners are the Duty Holders for the purposes of the Port Marine Safety Code. The Duty Holders, individually and collectively, accept responsibility for ensuring that the Port and Haven, of which they are The Commissioners (Directors) discharges its duties in accordance with the Port marine Safety Code.  The Duty Holders have responsibility and accountability for the Port and Haven Authority’s role and powers in relation to marine operations and harbour undertakings within their control and accept that they may not abdicate responsibility on the grounds that they do not have particular skills.

The Duty Holders are committed to undertake and regulate marine activities in a way that safeguards The Haven, the users, the public (where they may have access to the waters of The Haven)and the environment.  Consultations will take place from time to time as need dictates with all those who may work or use the waters  of The Haven to ensure they are fully involved in the preparation of safety policies and procedures.

Persons taking on a role of a Commissioner will be inducted into the ways and means that the Haven operates, and will be actively encouraged to play a meaningful role on The Commission.  In their turn it will be expected that the new Commissioners will bring expertise and experience to the Commission, not necessarily of a maritime background.

Risk Assessments are undertaken for all activities within The Haven by whatever organisation is carrying out work that is on Haven waters or otherwise connected with the waterway, working towards the development of safe systems of work for marine activities.  It should though be noted that The Port and Haven is no longer a commercial port and is now given over to leisure activities supporting two marinas and a yacht club and the waterside activities of the Town Quay.  It employs just two persons part time and as such is not required to have formal risk Assessments.  Pre work discussions on methodology are deemed sufficient.

The Duty Holders pursue a policy of care for the environment within their care, the waters and wetlands of which make up a very important  Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The Commissioners, in their Duty Holder role will be committed to continuous improvement of safety within their jurisdiction including the monitoring  of ‘on water’ safety manage systems of both marinas, the yacht club and Dover District Council, who own and manage the Town Quay.

Stakeholders!  The many businesses and residents owe the existence of the river – over many centuries - to the towns prosperity and existence.  They in their turn are expected to play a role in support of the Port and Haven Commissioners efforts and individuals unpaid time freely given.  .

Signed:  Robert L H Holden.  Chairman of Commissioners