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A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under  ancient Acts of Parliament


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CoronaVirus  Emergency

A note from the Chairman  21st March 2020

Revised 22nd March 2020

Dear Stakeholder

SANDWICH PORT AND HAVEN has a role in providing a safe River Stour in the Sandwich environs, for both leisure and commercial users.  Being the many and varied Stakeholders for whom the river is an integral part of their disparate interests.

STAKEHOLDER PARTICIPATION:   The Haven is therefore recognised as an asset of significant importance to the local area. Accordingly it is important that the river and, particularly, its banks are protected to ensure non contamination  by this virus.  Citizens – towns folk and boat owners alike - are asked to play their part in helping to prevent the spread of this virulent virus by whatever means is appropriate.

COMMERCIAL USERS:   Following on from the Prime Ministers edict to close all premises where people can come into close proximity with one another - pubs, restaurants, leisure centres, gyms etc. - the  operation of passenger carrying vessels on the waters of the Sandwich Port and Haven is suspended until further notice.

“KEY WORKER” STATUS:   The Government has now confirmed the list of “key workers”. Ports are under the essential transport category.  As such the employees, being the Clerk to The Commissioners and the Harbour Master,  are defined as Key Workers.  Commissioners are also Key Workers but only when periodically actually engaged upon Haven activities - for which they receive no remuneration.

SECRETARY OF STATE FOR HEALTH:  To remind ourselves; the government recommended minimum 2-meter social distancing measures need to be maintained where practically possible, to safeguard our health and that of our families and communities. Be it in the Marinas, Sailing Club or just sitting on the river bank.  

RECOGNITION:   We recognise that we are entering uncharted waters with incredibly difficult times for all. We also recognise that we all have a critical role to fulfil to ensure the wellbeing of our nation and our fellow citizens.  Over the coming days and weeks – and months even - we will be hopeful of a speedy return to normality.

Wishing you all a safe time ahead.

Robert Holden

Chairman of Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners.