The Port and Haven of

A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under Acts of Parliament


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The Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners have for some years been subsidising users of the Haven.  You, the user / Stakeholder, currently paying £65.00 for the year 2017 / 2018, are being subsidised by a further £95.00 per boat out of the Port and Haven reserves.

Clearly the Port and Haven is unable to continue this luxury indefinitely.  The reserves will not permit it!  And so the Conservancy fee - as it is called - will have to increase over the next few years.  For the Port and Havens part an aggressive cost saving policy is in operation with early worthwhile savings being made on insurances and accountancy fees.


All vessels that are afloat within the Port and Haven District must pay Conservancy Dues.

The revenue derived from these ‘Dues’ is used by the Haven to meet the cost of the management of the harbour including, but not restricted to:

  Fees for the coming year 2018 / 2019 will rise to £75.00 whilst the Port   and Haven subsidy will decrease by £10.00 to £85.00.

  The Clerk to the Commissioners will soon be writing to all boat owners   with an invoice for payment by the end of April 2018.  Late payers will   incur an additional administration fee of £30.00.

  Upon receipt of payment a Conservancy sticker will be sent for affixing to   the boat in a conspicuos position.  It denotes payment made and is your   receipt.  It is not transferable to another boat.

Stickers MUST be displayed.  

Failure to do so is telling others - and the

Harbour Master - that you have not paid.

Scaffold reference tower

Ramsgate Harbour Pier Heads

Sandwich Fairway Buoy

Sandwich Fairway Buoy

No. 5 Buoy

No. 5 Buoy

No. 4 Buoy

No. 1 Buoy

Scaffold Reference Tower

Pegwell Bay and the lower estuary of the

Kentish River Stour.

Pictured by John Clandillon-Baker at low water on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

Height of tide: 0.7 at Dover - 0.3 under prediction.

Weather: Wind East force 7 - 8, snow flurries, temp -2C.

Wind blowing direct from Russia.

Line of breaking waves marking the edge of the deeper water of the Ramsgate Channel