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Notice 06 of 2021 dated 11th March 2021

Sandwich Fairway Buoy is returned to station following fitting of a far heavier studlink chain.  This  will make the buoy sink further into the water and make the light more visually stable.

Signed  Ian Broughton   Harbour Master

Notice 05 of 2021 dated 11th March 2021

Mariners are advised that the Swing Bridge in Sandwich is to be closed to use for one night only on Sunday night 21:15 to 06:00 on 11 April 2021 for the first service of the bridge since the recent refurbishment works.

 Signed Ian Broughton,  Harbour Master.

Notice 04 of 2021 dated 4th March 2021

Mariners are advised of a planned new line of demarkation buoys to be established by Kent Wildlife Trust on an east to west alignment in position

51°18′17″N,  extending westwards from   001°22′48″E  to the shoreline

Signed:   Ian Broughton,  Harbour Master

Notice 03 of 2021 dated 4th March 2021

Mariners be advised that NtM No. 02 of 2021 below is hereby cancelled the works having been completed.

Signed:   Ian Broughton,  Harbour Master

Notice 02 of 2021 dated 20th  January 2021

A road closure is planned for Friday 29 January 2021 for routine maintenance to enable a new gearbox spline to be replaced on the swing bridge. This particular component had not been available last year and has been especially commissioned.  These works are required to maintain operation of the swing bridge.

The road closure is for one day only during the day.  Vehicles will be routed around the signed diversion route.  Restricted access for pedestrians will be maintained across the bridge except for when the operation of the swing bridge is tested. During these events there will be no access across the bridge for periods of about one hour.

It is proposed to raise the bridge deck and prop it on the abutments to provide safe working space to install the new components. The swing bridge will not be able to operate during this period that will probably extend into the late afternoon.

The deck will then be swung open (to navigation) several times for testing and inspection.  Given the uncertainty of timings navigation will be suspended for the day.

Signed:   Ian Broughton,  Harbour Master.

Notice 01 of 2021 dated 4th January 2021

14 of 2019 and numbers 01 to 13 of 2020 are now cancelled.

Signed:   Ian Broughton,  Harbour Master



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