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Notice 13 of 2020 dated 30th August 2020

Sandwich River Stour swing / toll bridge major overhaul

Notice is hereby given that the works to refurbish the Sandwich Toll Bridge have been rescheduled to commence on 21st September for a period of 11 weeks.  The start of works notification from Kent County Council (KCC) includes their detailed arrangements for the use of a shuttle bus to transport pedestrians around the diversion as required.

During  this 11 week period the bridge deck will be completely removed and transported to a yard so mechanical and electrical components can be replaced.  The opportunity will also be taken to clean and repaint the bridge deck.  During the period the bridge deck is removed various upgrades and refurbishments will continue at the bridge site.

Unfortunately, there will be a short period at the start of the works and during final commissioning when the contractors will be unable to open the bridge to river traffic.  The exact date for the bridge to be lifted off will need to be confirmed but it is expected that river traffic will be hindered / prevented between 21st September  and early week commencing 28th September at the latest.  It is difficult to provide the exact date for the bridge to be lifted back on again at this time but KCC currently expect this to be around 27th November with river traffic being prevented / hindered for up to about a week following the date the bridge is lifted back on.

KCC will continue to liaise with the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners who  will be issuing Notices to Mariners.  KCC will also keep the normal telephone number for booking bridge swings up to date with the latest information regarding the need and availability to open the bridge if you need to plan a journey past the bridge.

More information from KCC here.

Signed Ian Broughton.  Harbour Master

Notice 12 of 2020 dated 29th July 2020

EA Works at Pillory Gate Wharf

Users of the river at this point are now informed of completion of the works.  Notice No 10 is therefore cancelled.

Signed Ian Broughton.  Harbour Master

Notice 11 of 2020 dated 29th July 2020

Fairway Buoy

Notice is given that the Sandwich Fairway Buoy having been repaired and overhauled, is returned to station.

Mariners tempted to creep in on the early tide should be aware of wandering sandbanks in the vicinity

Signed  Ian Broughton,  Harbourmaster.

Notice 10 of 2020 dated 3rd June 2020

EA Works at Pillory Gate Wharf

Masters of vessels navigating through the area of Pillory Gate Wharf are notified that the Environment Agency (EA) are placing a steel work barge at this location.  The barge will extend 8 meters into the fairway.

The EA will have two vessels acting as Guard Boats, which should be contacted to arrange safe passage through the area.  Vessels should be prepared to stop if instructed.

Notices will be displayed advising mariners to make contact on VHF Ch 08 or by mobile phone on the number given on the notices.The barge will display an all round ‘Special Mark’ flashing yellow light at all times.

Duration of The Works is expected to be around 4 weeks from the date of this Notice.

Signed  Ian Broughton,  Harbourmaster.

Notice 09 of 2020 dated 3rd June 2020

Sandwich Fairway Buoy off station.


The Sandwich Fairway Buoy has been recovered and is found to have suffered damage to it’s underwater balance weights structure.  It is now under repair and will be back on station as soon as parts for its repair are received and fitted.

Signed  Ian Broughton, Harbourmaster.

Notice 08 of 2020 dated Sunday 11th May 2020

Sandwich Fairway Buoy off station.

Masters of vessels entering the river are advised that the Fairway buoy is off station due to the severe gales.  At the time of writing the buoy is inaccessible up on Sandwich Bay beach while the light continues to flash.  Incoming vessels should make for the first buoy being No 2 red can buoy.

Signed Ian Broughton,  Harbourmaster

Notice 07 of 2020 Dated 1st May

Environment Agency emergency works at Pillory Gate Wharf

Mariners are advised that these works are complete though a little amount of cross river cranage works continue.

Notice number 06 / 2020 is therefore now cancelled

Signed:  Ian Broughton, Harbourmaster.

Notice 06 of 2020 Dated 4th March

Environment Agency emergency works at Pillory Gate Wharf

Mariners are notified that the river is closed to through traffic for a period of up to 5 days.  This whilst the barge and shoreside heavy crane move and set in place the interlocking piling that will form the edge of the quay.  Further information is available from Highway Marine office hours on

tel:  01304 613925

Signed:  Ian Broughton, Harbourmaster.

Notice 05 of 2020 Dated 18th February

Environment Agency emergency works at Pillory Gate Wharf.

Mariners are advised that emergency works to the Sandwich flood defence scheme at Pillory Gate Wharf (Highway Marine) will start during week commencing 17th February 2020.  A jack up barge will be in attendance along with a safety vessel.  Vessels should pass at slow speed and be prepared to take instructions from the contractors.  River width will necessarily be limited.

Large craft going downstream should do so against an incoming tide.  Should they be unable to pass due to insufficient room they must moor to the south side of the river’s  ‘Bridge waiting berth’ to await availability of sufficient river width, which may be a week or more.  Vessels going upstream should likewise assess the available river width BEFORE transiting the bridge.  If there is insufficient space vessels should make fast to the Quay to await a favourable moment, which may be a week or so.

Consequent of the above masters of large vessels are strongly advised to await removal of the barge.

Signed:  Ian Broughton, Harbourmaster.

Notice 04 of 2020  Swing Bridge - major overhaul - Revised date

12th February 2020

Mariners are advised that due to the overrunning Southern Water road works on the Sandwich Bypass Kent County Council has put the date of the works to Sandwich Swing Bridge forward to Monday 30th March.  This to avoid traffic gridlock in and around Sandwich.   The period of the works has been extended by a further week to 8 weeks duration, to accommodate the Easter weekend and the Spring Bank Holiday.

Signed Ian Broughton  Harbour Master.

Notice 03 of 2020  Cancellation of NtM’s

3rd February 2020

Mariners are informed that Notices to Mariners (NtM’s), numbers 01 2019 through to 13 2019 are hereby cancelled.

Signed Ian Broughton  Harbour Master.

Notice 02 of 2020  Swing Bridge - major overhaul

3rd February 2020

Mariners are informed, along with others who might be affected that the bridge is to be removed week commencing 17th Feb.  For more detailed information please see here for the Kent County Council press release.  Masters of vessels are advised that the river will be closed to navigation at critical times of these works - most likely at the beginning, and over the closing week of the re-installation, as the refurbished bridge is tested and commissioned back into use.

Signed Ian Broughton  Harbour Master.

Notice 01 of 2020  Riverbed survey

23rd January 2020

Mariners are informed that a low water riverbed survey will be carried out just upstream of Vigo Sluice.  Masters of vessels capable of navigating this part of the river at LW are requested to pass at low speed.

Signed Ian Broughton.  Harbour Master.

Notice 14 of 2019  -New Shingle bank formed at Stonar Cut

Date 21st December 2019

Mariners are informed of the creation of a shingle bank just downstream of Stonar Cut, at the southern tip of Richborough Wharf, consequent of the Environment Agency running of the Cut’s sluices to drain the river of excess rainfall and consequent flooding of the flood plain.  The bank will be protected by a Starboard Hand (green) buoy.

Signed:   Ian Broughton  Harbour Master.



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