The Cinque Port and Haven of

A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under  ancient Acts of Parliament


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Conservancy Fees

Please see the ‘payments’ page for details of Commercial rates.

Like many harbours the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners are bound by Act of Parliament - and more recently the Port Marine Safety Code - to manage The Haven in a responsible and effective transparent manner. Not only are the Commissioners - along with the Harbour Master - responsible for the upkeep of the constantly changing navigation marks at the entry to the river, as it becomes ever more tortuous, they are also responsible for much else.

Examples are compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code, incident recording, law enforcement etc. This all costs money and so fees have to be levied.  The government states that we have to collect fees to support our activities but leave the level of charge for the individual Harbours to set their own level, being the best people to judge what it should be to cover the costs of what they each undertake.

Sandwich Port and Haven 2020/21 Conservancy charge for leisure vessels is a very reasonable


Vessels propelled by electric motors 50% the above Rate.

Rule No. 1…  Petrol or diesel generators not allowed!

All craft staying more than two weeks are due to pay the Conservancy Fee.  Excepting that is craft of less than 7 meters used without an engine for propulsion or electricity generation where no charge applies.

Dues please are payable on 1st April each year, or two weeks after a vessels arrival into the Port and Haven during the course of the year.  Upon payment a sticker will be issued which should be affixed to the vessel in a readily visible place.  This is your receipt of payment and shows you have paid.  It is a legal requirement to display the sticker.  Craft not displaying a sticker indicate that a fee has not been paid, which will be recovered if necessary through the courts.  If the owner cannot be traced then the vessel will be arrested - the considerable costs of which will be the owners responsibility as a ‘Lein’ on the vessel.  The vessel ultimately sold if necessary to recover costs.

PAYMENT should be made by cheque to Sandwich Port and Haven, or by Bank Transfer (details HERE) or the correct cash in a sealed envelope, to:

Sandwich Port and Haven,

The Guildhall

Cattle Market


Kent  CT13 9AH

Please include the payment slip.      CLICK HERE

Enquiries to The Clerk to The Commissioners  Tel:  07463 721714  or Email  sandwichphc at  (replace the space, at and space with @ - this is an anti spam and everything else unwanted measure to defeat malicious web crawling search engines).

Payment can also be made to the Harbour Master.

About your Port and Haven fees and finance…

The operation of the Port and Haven is entirely funded from the Conservancy Fees.
The Port and Haven is non-profit making. But neither should it make a loss!  Revenue received from the Conservancy fees should meet the full cost of the management of the Port and Haven.

The fees are paid in addition to your mooring fees - wherever you may be moored.  They apply whether your boat is kept in one of the marinas, on a private mooring or if you are visiting.

Annual dues are valid from 1 April and expire on 31 March.  Dues remaining unpaid after 30th April will incur an additional Management fee of


What your Haven dues pay for…

Establishing navigation buoys and beacons within the Port and Haven’s jurisdiction.
Maintaining navigation marks to a standard set by Trinity House.
Cleaning up any oil spill, sourcing the culprit and charging for the cost of clean up.
Enforcing national legislation and ensuring the operation of a safe waterway.
Making and enforcing byelaws.

Looking after The Haven for future generations.

Data Protection Policy

The information which you provide, and any other information obtained or provided during the course of your application for your annual Port and Haven Conservancy Fee,  will be used solely for the purpose of processing your application and dealing with you as a Stakeholder in the Port and Haven - such as if your boat has suffered in some way we can contact you swiftly.  The Harbour Master regularly passes through moorings looking out on your behalf.  

Your data will not be shared with any third party for marketing or commercial purposes without first obtaining your explicit written consent.



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Payment form - boats Payments

Data Privacy Notice

The Sandwich Port and Haven Commission - being a small organisation – is not required to register with the Information Commissioner as indicated by the online assessment questionnaire.  It is accordingly not registered.  This all in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into force on 25th May 2018.  The Data Controller is the Clerk to the Commissioners for the times being.

Purpose.      The Commissions legal reason for processing data is ‘legitimate purpose’,  in relation to executing its legal responsibilities enshrined in the Acts of Parliament of 1925 and 1847 (the Principle Act), all in connection with the levying of Tolls, Rates and Dues upon all vessels using The Haven and Quays.

Exception.      The Sandwich Sailing and Motor Boat Club (SSMBC) is not included in this notice, being the declared collector of fees, rates and dues on behalf of the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners for vessels kept on the SSMBC moorings.  The SSMBC exclusively holds all member data.  The SSMBC Data Controller is the club Secretary for the times being.

As such The Commission will ensure that data held is:

Adequate,     relevant and not excessive being the data collected in the fiscal and statutory management of ‘The Haven’, inclusive of infringement of Byelaws personal information records.

Accurate     and up to date.  It is the users of The Haven responsibility to keep the Clerk to the Commissioners – the Data Controller - informed of any changes of personal data in connection with their use of The Haven.

Not kept     for longer than necessary - and in particular banking data which will be destroyed upon a person’s cessation of the use of The Haven.  Other information will be held as appropriate for archival / historical records of this ancient port.

Secure.      The full electronic data files are held on a computer and memory sticks not kept in the Fishergate office address of the Sandwich Port and Haven, but elsewhere and protected by password on those devices.  Those devices are not connected to a network.

Access     to personal information.  The Data Controller will provide you – upon request – full details of your personal data held by The Commission.

Sensitive Data.      No sensitive data is held other than record of Byelaws infringement.

Reasons     for processing data.  Data is processed in order to:

 Promote safe use of The Haven.

 Provide services to users of The Haven.

 Maintain accounts and collect fees and rates.

 Promote and facilitate leisure and commercial use of The Haven.

Signed:        Mrs Andrea Kelly                                                          Date:  7th June 2018

Clerk to the Commissioners.

Reviewed 18th March 2019 by Robert Holden - Chairman of the Commissioners.


9th March 2020

Signed  Robert Holden,  Chairman of Commissioners