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A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under  ancient Acts of Parliament


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An application for a Permit to Dredge IS NOT required if the proposed work is for ROUTINE MAINTENANCE DREDGING.  However: To ensure safe use of the waterway by other craft the Commissioners still require notifying of these works on this form the submission of which triggers issue of a Notice to Mariners (NtoM) for the safety of all.

1. Application for Works New Works  / Routine Maintenance  (circle that which is applicable) - Brief description with dates:

2.  Proposer of Works:      Name of firm / person:

                                                        Contact details:

3.  Method Statement and Health and Safety Plan:   Please provide a copy of your Method Statement, Safety Plan and Risk Assessments if works exceed the value of £1000.00.  If The Works are less than £1000.00 then a letter / email of confirmation that a Safe System of Work is in place is all that is required.  Method Statement to include method of disposal of all debris and arisings and measures to ensure the river will not be contaminated - river mud recent sediments excepted.  Also method for collection of accidental contamination of the waterway.  Please note that it is a specific requirement that any pollution is immediately notified to the Harbour Master.

4.  Insurance:  Please provide a copy of your valid insurances for works of this type with particular reference to 3rd Party Liability.

5.  Have the Crown Estate, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), or Dover District Council (DDC) Planning got an interest in these works.  If so have they been notified?  Details please.

Note:  The Sandwich Port and Haven do not take responsibility for notifying these bodies.  That responsibility lies entirely with the Proposer of The Works.


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