The Cinque Port and Haven of

A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under  ancient Acts of Parliament


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The Port and Haven Commissioners welcome comment from users of the river and those beyond.  

The port is not as it once was with a nice wide river with no overgrowth and good flows.  There is little we can do about that where the river continues beyond our jurisdiction at Poulders Sluice.  A developing problem is the escalating growth of reeds lower down the river than was the case only ten years ago.  A consequence of the river mouth growing larger allowing less salt water to enter the river.  Perhaps sooner than later we will have to get riparian land owners - whose responsibility it is - to remove them - along with vegetation overgrowth.  

The reeds serve to collect silt, the weight of which causes the bank to collapse interfering with river flow.  Pretty they may be but they have no place below the bridge and are foreign to the ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’ that is the reaches of the river below the Bridge - being more ‘salt water maritime’ than ‘inland chalk stream’.

That said the SP&HC are keen to promote leisure boating on the river in a safe - as far as reasonably possible - manner for the enjoyment of all.

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