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Notice Number 06 - 2017,  14th June 2017

Major changes to estuary buoyage.

Mariners are advised that the old loop in the estuary is now abandoned and all buoys withdrawn.  The newly developing straight channel now replaces that old loop with an additional buoy at each end.  The new channel is approximately three cables in length allowing the buoys at each end to be clearly visible from one end to the other.

See new chart published on this site page ‘NAVIGATION INFO/Estuary Chartlet’

Signed Captain Colin Carr.  Harbour Master.

Notice Number 05 - 2017.

Not issued.

Notice Number 04 - 2017,  5th May 2017

Notice of Diving operations.  NEMO Link.

Signed Captain Colin Carr  Harbour Master

Notice Number 03A - 2017,  15th March 2017

Estuary channel marks.

River Survey of 14th March 2017 reveals considerable movement of the river away from the various marks.  Great care is needed to remain in the channel – especially so rounding the Isolated Danger Mark (pole) where the Starboard hand buoy is a considerable distance from the LW edge of the river whilst its companion Port hand buoy is in the middle of the river.

Signed: Captain Colin Carr.  Harbour Master

Notice Number 03 - 2017,  4th March 2017

Seasonal buoyage in Pegwell Bay

Masters of vessel should be aware that the winter storms will have encouraged some migration of the river away from some of the buoys and other marks.  These marks are officially on station April to October in every year.

A survey is soon to be undertaken the outcome of which will determine which - if any buoys / marks need moving.  In the meantime Masters of vessels need to navigate with all due care and diligence.

Signed Colin Carr.  Harbour Master.

Notice Number 02 - 2017,  24th  January 2017

Minster Railway Bridge.

Mariners are advised that the scaffold working platform slung beneath the bridge has been moved to the northward side.  The navigable channel is now on the southern footpath side.  Vessels of any sized should transit this section with extreme care at very slow speed, and ideally against the tide to give steerage.

Signed:  Captain Colin Carr  Harbour Master

Notice Number 01 - 2017,  1st January 2017

Notices of 2016 numbered 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, & 09 are hereby cancelled.

Signed Colin Carr.  Harbour Master

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