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Notice Number 11 - 2016,  9th November 2016

Dangerous Wreck

Mariners are advised that a Dangerous Wreck has been revealed in position 51° 18.63 N  001° 25.12 E.   This is 4 cables (0.4 of a mile) 207° True from the West Quern Buoy.  Exposure is likely due to sand movements in the area.  Extreme caution is required as this wreck is just south east of the straight line course between the West Quern and B2, though on the beginnings of the Cross Ledge shoals.

Notice Number 10 - 2016, 26th October 2016

New Buoy

Mariners are advised that a new Starboard Hand unlit Seasonal Buoy has been established close WSW of the Isolated danger Mark in Pegwell Bay.  This marks the westerly extending mud bank from that mark.

Signed Colin Carr  Harbour Master.

Notice Number 09 - 2016 14th October 2016

Placement of steel frames survey equipment on the sea bed

Herewith two chartlets showing the proposed locations of the seabed frames housing oceanographic instruments that  Partrac are planning to deploy as part of the Nemo Link interconnector project:

1)      ‘P1665 DeepOcean AWAC Frames.png’

Three seabed frames to be deployed for 30 days with surface marker buoys.  The positions in WGS84 are as shown on the chart.

2)      ‘P1665 DeepOcean Inshore Frame.bmp’

One shallow water frame (approx. 30 cm high) to be deployed around the lowest low water mark (approx. 1 m above CD, indicated by a red triangle ESE of the purple compass in the chartlet) with a pellet buoy marker.  It is planned to deploy the frame on two occasions for 3-4 days.  The approximate proposed position is:

51º 19.170’ N, 001º 23.579’ E

Each of the four proposed deployment locations are within the designated interconnector corridor, and the earliest deployment date would be middle of w/c 17th October.

Signed Colin Carr - Harbour Master

Notice Number 08-2016  29th Sept 2016

River Estuary - Seasonal Buoys adjustment

Following a low tide survey several of the seasonal buoys were found to require repositioning due to more than usual river movement.  This has now been done.  New chart issued.  See the Navigation tab.

Signed  Colin Carr, Harbourmaster.

Notice Number 07-2016  30th August 2016

Works to Sheet Piling at Kings Lodging

These works are now complete and Notices to Mariners numbers 04 and 05-2016 are hereby cancelled.

Signed   Captain Colin Carr   Harbour Master

Notice Number 06-2016

River estuary navigation marks – new survey dated 24th May 2016

Mariners are advised that since the last survey of the estuary on 12th March 2016 there have been significant changes to the general course of the river inward to the Isolated Danger Mark.

Inward No 3 Starboard Hand buoy is missing from station (believed deliberately set adrift) while the river has moved away markedly from buoys Nos 5 and 7 (the next Starboard Hand buoys inward).

Port Hand Buoys.  No. 2 buoy is now around 40 meters south of the river edge at LW.  No. 4 buoy now marks the Starboard side of the river and No. 6 buoy is not as close to the edge of the river as it should be by about 10 meters.  The Port Hand Buoy opposite the Isolated Danger Mark is now in the middle of the river.  Mariners should pass this buoy close to on the correct side to avoid the developing mud bank projecting out from the Isolated Danger Mark.

The new channel that formed linking Pepperness Buoy and Buoy No.  5 has moved south at its eastern end.  Buoy No. 5 is now to the north of this new channel.  It is on a bearing from / to Pepperness Buoy of 130°T / 310°T.  This channel carries insufficient water at LW to float even the smallest craft.

Small craft should be able to creep in on the first of the flood when the river banks can be seen, but larger craft should not attempt it until at least 2 hours before HW.  It is essential and fundamental that close attention be paid to whatever sounding apparatus is carried and navigate with care.

Signed  Robert Holden Webmaster and Chart compiler.

Notice Number 05-2016 12th May 2016

Works to Sheet Piling at Kings Lodging.  River closure.  

Works commencing 23rd May 2016 for two weeks

– weekend excepted.

Supplemental information

Mariners requiring essential transit of the work area are asked to contact the Harbour Master by telephone at least two hours before the time they wish to transit the work area.  This to allow time to remove divers and cross river equipment.

Signed  Captain Colin Carr  Harbour Master.  Tel:  07958 376183

Notice Number 04-2016 12th May 2016

Works to Sheet Piling at Kings Lodging.  


Works commencing 23rd May 2016 for two weeks

– weekend excepted.

Mariners are notified of works to be carried out as described below.

Since installation of these sheet piles – part of Sandwich Flood defences – water has been found to be accumulating behind them and forming voids.  To overcome this Jacksons, working for the Environment Agency, will be carrying out urgent grout injection works involving divers and cross river services, along with a support barge.

Accordingly the river navigation will be closed from 07.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday but open outside of those hours including all day Saturday and Sunday.

A Safety / Guard vessel will be on station throughout the hours of work described above.

Signed Capt. Colin Carr.  Harbourmaster

4th April 2016 Notice Number 03-2016

NEMO electricity transfer cable crossing Pegwell Bay.  Survey commencing 14th April 2016

Mariners are notified of survey operations to be carried out in preparation of the laying of the cable.  All as detailed in the document hereunder.  Two vessels will conduct the inshore survey work at the Ramsgate end, the Titan Discovery and the Titan Endeavour.  Survey work will commence mid April and last until mid June.  Vessels navigating in the area of these vessels are asked to keep well clear due to towed equipment and travel at slow speed.

Signed Capt. Colin Carr - Harbourmaster

Notice Number 02  Not issued.

5th January 2016   Notice Number 01-2016

Mariners are advised that due to the recent heavy rains the Environment Agency will be running the sluices at Stonar Cut.   Mariners are advised to excise extreme caution when navigating past the   Stonar Cut on both the upstream and downstream sides due to water turbulence.

Signed Captain Colin Carr

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