The Cinque Port and Haven of

A Trust Port  Managed  by the Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners under  ancient Acts of Parliament


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5th November 2014     Notice number 01-2014

The Notice to Mariners warning of overhanging trees at the Kings Lodgings river frontage, 100 meters or so above the swing bridge on the south bank, is cancelled.  The trees have been removed consequent of the Sandwich Town Tidal Defence Scheme.

Captain Colin Carr - Harbour Master.

21st October 2014       Notice number  02-2014

Surge Tide predicted for the morning tide of 22nd October.  Height expected to be an additional 1 meter over prediction.

Robert Holden   Deputy Chairman.

20th October 2014.      Notice number  03-2014

Work now started of the piling in front of Jesus Quay.  Mariners are required to keep a sharp lookout for control signals by hand and to pass - when permitted - at slow speed.

Captain Colin Carr  Harbour Master.

1st October 2014         Notice number  04-2014

Wharf at Kings Lodging and adjacent property.

The Environment Agency expect to make a start of pile driving works in the near future at this location.  This is the final part of the Sandwich town Tidal Defence.  The work is under delay at present but as soon as a date is notified it will be published here.

Besides the work of the actual piling there will be associated works by waterborne craft in servicing  the work in way of transport of materials and plant.  At times of these activities the river may have to be closed for short periods.

Capt Colin Carr.  Harbour Master


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